How to Track Fitness Goals with an Online Journal

One of the most important parts of tracking your fitness is being able to see your progress. A one-sentence journal is the perfect place to do it.

Do you have a fitness goal? Maybe you are trying to lose weight, or maybe you are training for a 5K.

Whatever your health goal is, you can use a one-sentence journal to track your progress. Here's how it works:

Running goals

Maybe your goal is about running a 5k or a marathon. There are several quick things you can note from your runs:

Strength training

Likewise, for weight training there are several short things to make note of:

If you mark those things in a simple notation, you can build an easy plan for you to match or improve on with future workouts.

Weight loss

If you goal is to lose weight, you can choose a few things to track in your journal:

Get started

If you want to track your fitness goals by app, makes it easy to do. It's fast and easy to make daily entries, and the app automatically surfaces memories from past months and years. It's completely flexible for whatever goal you want to track.

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